A day late

But not a dollar short … or maybe I am …

It’s hunkday!

For this week’s hunks I decided to go unconventional, as in, who I happen to find kinda sexy but not in a toned up, beefcake sort of way.

First up is an actor I first saw in Wimbeldon (the movie not the actual tennis tournament).  Paul BettanyHe’s sort of lanky and blonde, he’s the typical “English Hero” think non-threatening and sort of cerebral, but if you saw the movie Legion, you know he can kick ass too.  Woohee what a yummy Angel he made LOL.  He’s also in Priest which is in theaters now.

Next up is someone I found to be hot before my teenaged self knew what hotness really was LOL.   My first silver fox and I don’t mean Anderson Cooper or Sean Connery (who is OMG sexy) I am talking about … Sam Elliot 🙂  I can almost remember the exact moment my little teen self’s hormones kicked in for him.  It was in Roadhouse (starring Patrick Swayze) and there was a scene where Sam Elliot had his pants undone and I think my ovaries went WHOOSH.  Sam E was also in that testosterone ridden movie Tombstone (which had lots of eye candy).  I think I was a little disappointed when I went to the real Tombstone only to realize Virgil Earp was not really as sexy as Sam Elliot LOL.

Who doesn’t love a bad boy?  I know I do.  And my pick for bad boy hunk is Arnold Vosloo.  He is most famously known for his role in The Mummy … as … The Mummy 🙂  More recently he played a sniper on Bones and he was Zartan in GI Joe.  AV has also played a few good guys as well (I think) but I prefer him as a baddie.  He’s a classically trained actor as well who is equally at home on the stage as he is on both big and small screens.

And finally I give this one up for my friend Wendy – who, when I told her I was doing a post on unconventionally cute guys, suggested Mr. Mustache himself … Tom Selleck.  I have to agree, he’s one of those men who is aging well and is still sexy now as he was in his Magnum PI days.  It’s good to see him back working full time on his show Blue Bloods.

So there you have just a few unconventionallyhot guys.  Did I forget one of your favorites?  Let me know in the comments and I will add them to a future post 🙂

Until Next Time!

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1 Response to A day late

  1. Raydeen says:

    *gulp* Sam Elliot… sigh… thud… dream 😀 you know i’m a sucker for some Sam! 😀


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