What’s going on

So here is my little update on what’s going on ….

I’m STILL about 2 chapters from finishing book 2 in the Dark Wolf Series – I just haven’t been able to finish it.  Siiiiigh I want to I reeeeally reeeeeally do, but crap is just getting in the way which leads me to …

I need a new computer … no I need 2 LOL.  Since moving from NY my desktop has been on the fritz – I haven’t used it at all cause it’s sloooower than a turtle with a couple of casts on … so I had to suck it up and write on my laptop – which I hate but I do what I gotta do.  Now my laptop’s battery is completely kaput.  So I needed to get a backup juuuuust in case that one decides to crap out on me.

I have invested in a Dell Inspiron Duo which is reeeally nice (it’s got a flip screen suh-weet) – it’s not going to take the place of my laptop by any means – it doesn’t have the power for that, but at least now I’ll have something strictly for traveling, which is what my laptop was supposed to be for.  It’s a combination netbook and tablet.  I wanted to get an iPad (cause really who doesn’t) but I couldn’t justify paying upwards of $600 for something I wouldn’t be able to write on (anyone who has gotten a mangled text from me from my iPhone would agree).  I have both an iPhone and an iPod touch which are really sufficiant for playing games on and such so an iPad wasn’t really a necessity.

The duo I can bring to cons or whatever and because it’s a netbook, not only will I be able to write and edit, surf the web and email etc., but because it’s also a tablet I will be able to play my trailer on it while doing signings :).  It’s also comes with an ereading program (However I have my nook and the nook desktop program so I don’t think I’ll be using that much – besides I DEFINITELY plan on getting a nook color soon heh)

The downside to the duo is that the battery is low, 2.5 – 3.5 hours is what I’ve been reading, but that said it’s not supposed to be my main computer so I think I can overlook that part.  I’ll do a full review once I have it in my little hands 🙂

What’s next?  Well as soon as I finish Cameron and Rhiannon’s book I’ll be finishing an erotic contemporary that I’ve written and just need to finish editing.  Then there’s a second contemporary that is half finished aaaaaand I’ll need to start plotting the other Dark Wolf books … I just need to win the lottery so I can write full time LOL.

Until Next Time,

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