And a partridge in a pear …

Hello to day 3!

Today’s featured tropes are friends to lovers (Childhood friends of course) and comedy.

Friends to lovers is a genre I adore – I love it in my romance novels I love it in movies (Thirteen going on Thirty is one I can watch over and over again in this genre).

Comedies are a little weird when it comes to Christmas movies, mostly because they are not subtle, not at all, not even a little bit. However, there is one that I don’t mind in its silliness because it seems to embrace it.

Are you ready? Okay so let’s start with that one …


This movie is so over the top silly that I can’t help but love it.  It’s a Lifetime movie from 2012.

The plot for this is described as:

Cupcakery owner Cassie can’t help falling for her hunky new customer, but when he turns out to be action superstar Alex Gray, will their relationship survive Hollywood and the holidays? Produced by MarVista Entertainment, “A Star for Christmas” stars Corey Sevier, Briana Evigan, Karissa Vacker, Travis Van Winkle, Jeremy Howard, Sean Stone and Brooke Burns.

This is also one of the only movies where our hero and heroine sleep together – well behind the scenes of course. Lifetime is a little more steamy than wholesome Hallmark (by a teensy bit).

Friends to Lovers

Look who it is … Winnie Cooper!  Again.  Told ya we’d see Danica McKellar reappear on my list.

Here lies the plot: 

Love proves elusive for two friends that have shared every Christmas for the past 30 years in this warmhearted romantic comedy. Sam (Dustin Milligan) and Katherine (Danica McKellar) have been friends for the past three decades. In all of that time, neither ever paused to consider the possibility that they were meant for one another. When Sam gets a job offer in another city, it looks like any chance at romance might be lost. Now they’ve got one night to make it right. But will they finally come to their senses and recognize true love before it’s too late?

This is from 2012, but I saw it for the first time this year. It’s a sweet movie and I really liked their chemistry and the storyline. By the end I was really hoping they found their way to each other – the dark moment was really sad and made me choke up. But then again, I am a sap.

Finally last choice for today is

This is another ION movie and I believe it’s a new one. This is the movie I mentioned yesterday that could be sort of a fairy tale or friends to lovers. I mean it i is about a snowman that comes to life …

I might also have a soft spot for this one because if you follow me on social media you’ll have seen that I was watching this while in the company of my dad who wondered why every movie has a character that is a writer … (wait until you see what movie I mention tomorrow!)

Anywho, Ion’s plot describes this as:

No man is perfect enough for Sarah Groves, except perhaps the impressive snowmen she sculpts annually with her childhood pal, Nick. In mid-December, her snowman disappears, and in his place, materializes Cole, who seems too perfect for Sarah to be true.

Well, these are my choices for day 3, tomorrow I will feature the final films of my 2018 list.

Until Next Time,

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