It’s A Small World After All …..

Sing it with me!

It’s a world of laughter a world of …. Sorry if it’s stuck in your head, but today I am blogging about vacations! I am a Disney Vacation Club member – if you’re not sure of what that is, it’s basically Disney’s version of a timeshare. Let me just get this out of the way I LOVE DISNEY. Love the parks, love the company, love, love, love it.

I share my membership with my parents and we usually do Disney vacations every 2 years or so, because we have a set number of points and we usually have a large party that requires us to bank and borrow points from year to year.

How big a party you ask …. well there can be somewhere between 9 to 12 of us all said. This year we will be heading to the beach!  Disney’s Vero Beach Villas to be exact, but that’s not what this post is about, nope. This is about perks!

Part of being part of Disney’s Vacation Club means that we get perks that regular people don’t get. For the last 2 years one of these perks has been Moonlight Magic. This is a time when the park is open just to DVC members. They have dance parties, meet and greets with characters you don’t usually see, special fireworks, and treats.

The first Moonlight Magic event of this year was held at Magic Kingdom (we attended just last Sunday, January 28), and I was fortunate enough to go with my three nephews (ages 23, 17, and 13), My eldest nephew’s fiance and the newest member of my family my grandnephew who will be 2 in April.

There is nothing like seeing the park through the eyes of a wee one. He is just recognizing the characters and to see him get excited to meet “mouse”, “Donawd”, and “Daishy” was the highlight of what was a pretty wet night.

The forecast called for rain all night and it wasn’t wrong – luckily the rain was more annoying than torrential so we braved it. The good thing was the weather may have kept some people away so what is normally a light night, was even lighter so very little wait for the rides.

We rode almost everything we wanted to, like Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Track, Winnie the Pooh, and It’s A Small World (much to the boys chagrin – but hey the baby LOVED it). The food at the event was plentiful and FREE.  Magic Kingdom offers hot dogs, chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, soft drinks, cookies, apple slices, chips and Premium Mickey Bars – and it’s all you can eat.

As I said the highlight this go round was going to the character meet and greets – Oogie Boogie was there, Moana, Tiana and Naveen,, Chip and Dale and of course the core group as well as many, many more.

The next event will be held in Animal Kingdom in the spring and I am hoping to go again so my mom can see Pandora – if I do look for photos and a recap of that event.

What fun things do you do with your family? Any special Disney memories? Let me know!

Until Next Time,


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2 Responses to It’s A Small World After All …..

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    We love Disney! We go just about every year and I am taking my daughter in a few weeks for her 17th trip. It is a mother/daughter high school graduation trip. I am so happy I get to share this with her!


  2. Charina says:

    You know Disney is my happy place. I’m coming back as Daisy Duck and living in Fantasyland *snort*


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