Magnets!  Tattoos!  Bookmarks!  Cover Flats!  Trading Cards! Pens!  Chapstick!

It’s … PROMO!

Let’s talk promo.  What are your favorite types of things to get from authors and what are you just sort of meh about?

I’ve done temporary tats, magnets, cover flats and trading cards.  I never know what readers like getting and what they don’t keep.  Personally, I am a pen hoarder, I LOVE them I can’t get enough of them, yet for whatever reason I have never actually had any made up.

Now that I have three books available in print, I’ve been thinking of doing bookmarks in addition to the cover flats that I normally make up.  One for the wolves, one for my brand, one for the anthology and one for the current book, I was also thinking of offering up chapstick for the new book since it’s a beachy themed book.

I’m not doing any cons this year, so I don’t have anywhere to hand out promo items really – I am looking into sending things to different meets though so if you know of any please let me know.  I am also wondering if I offered up promo packs if anyone would be interested in getting a goody package from me.

Let me know your thoughts.

Until Next Time,

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