Second Time Around – Excerpt

So here is a little bit of an unedited scene pretty early on in the book.  It features our hero, heroine and a very nice older woman in a gift shop.  I hope you like it.

  He waved at the old woman behind the counter and tried to shake off the fact that she watched him with a wide smile, her eyes following him as he walked through the small store.  He was thirty-years-old, a grown man; there was no reason to feel embarrassed because he needed to buy condoms.  If he had the time though, he would have definitely gone to town and found a pharmacy or the local mall, but he promised to meet Jasmine for dinner at six and he barely had time to go home to shower and change and get back here.  Condom buying wasn’t in his schedule and he’d be damned if he missed out on sharing her bed for a second night in a row because he didn’t want anyone he knew to see him buying protection.  Last night he’d felt as if he was in high school, all hot and horny with no available female.  When he stroked himself to get off, he actually played with the idea of calling her, but he wasn’t sure how she’d react to having phone sex.  He was almost certain it would have been hot; with Jasmine, everything usually was.  Maybe he’d bring it up later and see if she were interested. 

       He smiled to himself, but it was short lived as he stood in front of the smallest display of prophylactics he’d ever seen.  This is not good, he thought to himself.  He bent down and searched the back of the shelf.  Sure enough, there were only a few boxes of condoms and none of them what he was really looking for.  He was going to kill Ryan.  If this was his idea of a wide assortment, he needed to get a new gauge.  He rose up to his full height and looked up at the ceiling.  Fate must be having a grand time at his expense. 

       A soft tap on his shoulder caused him to jump in surprise.  He turned to find the woman from the counter.  Harriet O’Neill was seventy if she was a day, she reminded him of his own grandmother, and she watched him with raised brows. 

       “Can I help you there, Falcon?” 

       He turned his back to the display and gave his heart-melting smile to the small woman.  “Hey there, Harriet, I’m fine.  I don’t need any help right now.” 

       “It didn’t look that way to me.  Come now, don’t tell me you’re embarrassed.” 

       “Of course not.” 

       She folded her arms over her large bosom and tapped a foot. 

       He rolled his eyes, “I’m just looking for condoms, okay?” 

       “What for?  I thought you broke up with that last hussy, I mean lady, that you were going with.” 

       “She wasn’t a hussy.” 

       “Yes she was, she cheated on you didn’t she?” 


       “See?  Hussy.” 

       He inhaled deeply and tried to change the subject.  “I just want condoms and can’t find any.” 

       “And what’s wrong with those boxes there?” 

       Falcon turned to look at the packages and grimaced.  “They won’t do.” 

       “Why not?”  She pulled one box off the shelf and held it up to him, “They work just like any other.” 

       “Don’t you have any other kind?”  He asked as he looked around the store, more people had come in and the last thing he wanted was to make a scene. 


       “Come on, Harriet; please tell me you have something else in the stockroom.” 

       “Sorry.  What’s so wrong with these?” 

       “For one thing there are only four in the box.” 

       Her brows furrowed as she looked up at him, “Well, surely you don’t need more than four.” 

       “That’s what you think,” he murmured. 

       “What’s that?” 

       “Nothing.  It’s not the number of condoms exactly.  It’s the fact they’re … well, they’re, colored.” 

       “That’s because they’re tropical and look they’re flavored too.  Your boss, Rick, thought it’d make a statement this being a tropical paradise and all.  He was going for a theme.”  She rolled her eyes.  “The folks who come here seem to like them just fine.” 

       Falcon groaned. 

       The older woman rubbed his forearm and said in a low voice, “She’s a lucky girl.  Whoever she is.” 

       She had said it with such innuendo and a gleam in her eye Falcon could feel his blush all the way to the tips of his toes. 

       Harriet laughed loudly causing the few other customers in the store to glance their way.  Falcon noticed a few of them were fellow co-workers who were staring at him with wide smiles, proof they were not only watching, but listening as well.  Right then he noticed the display was obvious to anyone who cared to look and this sweet, grandmotherly woman held up a box of tropical colored, fruit flavored condoms for him to take.  If this got out, and Falcon didn’t doubt it would, he’d never live it down. 

       “Can I help you, dear?” 

       Falcon turned at the question to see whom Harriet was talking to and felt his heart stop.  His gaze collided with a pair of familiar smiling brown eyes.  She was a vision in a white tank top and blue shorts.  His breath caught as he took in the way Jasmine’s skin seemed to glow with her grin.  He dared to hope it wasn’t just the smile giving her that look, but the memory of what they’d done on the beach also had a hand in it. 

       She looked down at the box he’d taken from Harriet and her smile widened, “Looks like we had the same idea.” 

       Falcon immediately felt his cock harden and tightened his hold on the box.  He took a moment to steady himself before striking a nonchalant pose, “Is that so?” 

       Jasmine nodded slowly, her gaze traveling down the length of his body.  “Fancy that.” 

       “Whoo-ee sure is getting hot in here.  She’s cute, Falcon, I’d go for it if I were you.”  Harriet said suddenly and she nudged him in the ribs. 


       Jasmine took the box from him and read it quickly.  Her brows rose in amusement, “Tropical flavored?” 

       “It’s all they have,” he explained. 

       She turned to the older woman with a small grimace.  “There are only four in the box.” 

       Harriet looked from one, to the other, and back again.  She shook her head, “What is it with you young people?  It’s sex, sex, sex.  You’re like a pack of rabbits.  I really don’t know how you get anything done.  Look, if four isn’t enough, buy a second box.” 

       “Good idea.” 

       Falcon watched in stunned silence as Jasmine proceeded to snatch up the remaining four boxes on the shelf.  “That should be enough to get us started.” 

       Falcon’s cock screamed for attention now, and he was afraid if he didn’t start thinking of other things, things that didn’t include having her writhing beneath him, he would embarrass himself right here in the store.  It was either that, or pull the blue shorts Jasmine wore down to her ankles and take her right here in the middle of the gift shop. 

       The best thing to do was get his mind off the images of sex his imagination conjured up every time Jazzy was within fifty feet of him, so he turned to Harriet.  The older woman’s jaw hung open as she stared at Jasmine.  The sight of the old woman caught so off-guard by Jazz’s bold move was the perfect antidote to his problems. 

       Harriet put a hand to the starched white collar of the prim shirt she wore as if it were suddenly too tight for her.  “Why don’t I just wait for you two at the counter?  Take your time and Falcon …” 


       “I changed my mind.  Maybe you should let this one go.”  She shot one last look at Jasmine and the boxes in her hand then shook her head and walked to the front of the store. 


Until Next Time,

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