Wicked Wednesday – 11/09/16

Hello all,

Well here I am back with another WW after missing last week, I almost didn’t post today but after an incredibly tense election night, I needed something to distract me LOL.

I think I will call this WW the Strange edition … can you guess who this week’s spotlight is on?  Want a hint?

He’s a talented actor who is as comfortable performing Shakespeare as he is sitting backwards on a Khool toilet ….

He’s currently in the number 1 movie in America ….

C’mon ….. last hint

He kind of looks like an otter …..

It’s Benedict Cumberbatch!

I am a huge fan of BC, I’ve followed him since he began on Sherlock.  I loved how he embodied the role, but I never thought him sexy until …. well this ….

I mean wooooooooooow …. I have a thing for necks LOL, there was also this little tidbit from season 3 … I practically fell on the floor because I totally ship Molly and Sherlock

Is that an OMG kind of kiss or WHAT?

imagesAlthough I’ve never had the chance to see him on stage in person I have seen the live telecasts of the most recent theater pieces he’s been in Frankenstein and Hamlet – you can also see them in movie theaters you just have to look it up via Fathom Events.  Hamlet was fantastic!  A slightly modern take on it that was beautifully staged and acted.  In Frankenstein he played both the doctor and the monster, roles he alternated with another Sherlock – Jonny Lee Miller.  This staging was also really good (I saw both versions last year).

However, he’s not just a BBC acting, theater snob – he’s also done animation, fantasy (He played both the Dragon Smaug AND the necromancer in the hobbit films), comedy, and sci-fi (Star Trek).

He is also a self proclaimed feminist!

He can currently be seen in the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange.  If you haven’t seen it yet go!  It’s such a fun, trippy ride and he is fantastic in it.  doctor-strange-2016-wallpaper-sanctum-sanctorum-posterHe’s going to fit in to the next slate of movies perfectly and if that mid-credits stinger is to be believed (No spoilers here) I am going to enjoy the next time I see him IMMENSELY.

Well that’s all for now, hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week, I am going back to edit my next book!

Until Next Time,



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