Blog Challenge

Hello allllll!

I know I’ve been gone a long while but I’ve been a busy bee plus I was sick (nothing serious) but I’m better now – well betterish.

Sooooo today I am here because I’ve been tagged to do a blog hop thingy 🙂 I am also linking to a couple of others who are doing it as well :).  I hope you enjoy!

1) What are you working on?

Well currently I am working on rewriting the 3rd book in my Dark Wolf Series.  After some feedbsck from my publisher, I decided to go in a totally different direction than I originally planned so I have to completely rework it.  As a result, I think it’s going to be a much stronger book.  I am also outlining a new series (Witches) and plotting a third (Historical) as well as trying to come up with another short for a new anthology!

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?

My series has a basis in history as well as fantasy.  It is based on not only the historical stories of the Benandanti, but also all the folk stories of the areas where my clans are located.  There is a ton of stories to take from and make your own.  It’s amazing to see how many different cultures have shapeshifter legends.

3) Why Do you Write What You Write?

I like to write what I like to read.  If it’s interesting to me then I hope that it is interesting to others out there.

4)How Does Your Process Work?

I wish I had a process, I think if I had one I’d definitely be more proficient LOL.  Mostly though it begins with a what if, from there I try to flesh out the idea.  Then I usually like to do research, I LOVE research, you find out the most fascinating things when you sit down and do random searches.  Most of the research I do never finds its way into the story, but I like having it because it effects my writing.  Research not only consists of location, or time or whatever, it also includes finding the right inspiration for characters & finding music to write to.  This then all goes into my “bible”.  A hard copy of various things that I can refer back to.  Each of my manuscripts has had a bible, and I also have one for the series as a whole.  The last thing I do is a loose outline of the story, something just to keep me on track, never does the outline correspond to the finished story – my muse tends to go off on tangents and never stays on target.

So there you have it.  If you’re interested in what others are doing here are a few of my friends.

Ray Dean

Ray Dean was born and raised in Hawaii where she spent many a quiet hour reading and writing stories. Performing in theater and working backstage lead her into the delights of Living History, creating her own worlds through writing seemed the next logical step. Historical settings are her first love, but there is something heady about twisting the threads of time into little knots and creating new timelines to explore. There are endless possibilities that she is just beginning to discover.

Sheila Clover English

Writing has always been a dream for Sheila. She’s written plays, journal articles, news articles, copy, scripts, short stories and books. Living that dream is a passion she follows daily as a script writer, an author and news reporter.!/booktrailers?fref=nf

Lysa Demorest:

I’m a rural Texas girl who wishes to be on the beach in Florida with my co-author, Tamara McHatton, or in an ideal misty-all-day Scotland. I am currently in the last few classes of my bachelor’s degree in English Literature and have to fight with my Tabby cat, Dara, for control of my laptop in order to write. When I’m not nose deep in textbooks or in my own little worlds, then I’m editing for Desert Breeze Publishing and deciding what I want to do with my English Lit degree. (Suggestions are welcome unless it’s teaching! I’ll teach if it means online classes that I can do while I’m in my comfortable PJs. It’s all about comfort.)

My first book with Tamara is military fiction, historical, with a sequel on the way. Next on my plate, with many files saved in the works in progress, is delving into my literary love of science fiction.

A fan of lists, my current to-do includes working on making my blog more active, make the muse sit down to write the start of my stories, and drink more tea.




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