Since I seem to be on a make-up trip ….

I have to let you know about an amazing product I have had the good luck to try.  It’s from a company call Younique.

Younique is … well unique in that they are an all natural makeup company.  So if you’re into that, and who isn’t really?  Then this is the company for you.  They sell all types of things that you can only get online.

My cousin began selling a couple of months ago and I was fortunate enough to host an online party for her, the best thing about this company is that there’s no home visit to throw a party, it’s all done online via a secure website and everything you order gets sent to your home.  As the hostess of the party I was able to receive a complimentary set of the 3D fiber lashes.

Now who doesn’t like to have long, full, luxurious lashes?  I know I do and I was blessed with pretty long lashes to begin with LOL.

So, I received my case, yes I said case –US-1017-00 the fiber lash kit comes in a hard sided case which is about the size of a case you’d put your eyeglasses in.

Isn’t is cute?

As you can see there are two tubes inside.  One tube is a transplanting gel that gets your lashes ready for tube 2 the actual fibers.  It’s really neat, but a little odd to see a fuzzy stick at first.

The directions say to use your regular mascara then the gel and then the fibers then set it with the gel.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much fuller my lashes were with just one coat of each.  You can double up the fibers by alternating gel and fibers.

So if you’re interested in checking out the company or the 3D Fiber Lashes.  Click here.

Until Next Time,

*The opinions posted are my own and I get zero compensation*


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