Guest Post – The Benefits of Reading a Steamy Romance Novel

Romance novels are sometimes blamed for creating false expectations of romance. However, they are more than just the sexy covers in your grocery store checkout aisle–they are a great way to be entertained, turned on, and learn something new about yourself or your significant other. A quality piece of erotica turns us on, fuels our sexual fantasies, and keeps us in a constant yearn for more romance. While you may rely on a romantic tale for your reading pleasure and relaxation, erotica can also serve as a good learning tool, inspiration, and can be a foray into a new, more intense sex life. Yes, reading erotic literature can enhance your love life, both sexually and romantically. Don’t think so? Here are just a few benefits of moving your desires from the pages to the bedroom.

Read Romance, Reconnect With Your Sexual Self

benniesromanceReading an erotic story can help put you back in touch with your sexuality. By diving into a novel with romantic and sensual themes, you develop your own emotional and mental passions, which can aid in improving your relationship with your mate and/or your sex life in general. Unlike adult films, erotica forces the reader to use his or her imagination to envision the romantic and sexual situations on their own, which is a plus for women as they are more often stimulated mentally. Try reading a chapter or two before bed to unwind and partake in some self pleasure that’ll leave you relaxed and feeling refreshed. Or relax after a stressful day by reading your favorite passages with your mate, and watch where it leads.

Enhance Your Own Romance

Romance novels often introduce us to new ideas and sexual situations that we most likely would not have been exposed to on our own. Erotica can improve your sex life by presenting new ways to engage with your partner sexually. Switch up your boring sex routines by integrating foreign activities like role playing, fantasy, dirty talk, and some unique sex toys from Adam & Eve. Because you must keep things fresh and interesting in the boudoir, it’s imperative to come up with new ways to broaden your sexual know-how. Start off simple by doing something easy like trying out a unique position or doing it in a new environment, then move onto more provocative sexual adventures like the bondage and kink you just read about in 50 Shades of Grey. Explore romance and you’ll discover the endless number of ways you can better your sexual relationship with your partner.

No matter what it is you’re reading, a good book draws you in, creates a relationship between you and the characters, and can even change how you approach things in your daily life. When you delve into the characters’ love lives you may find that there are certain important facets of your own relationship that you are unhappy with, or parts of your sex life that are unfulfilled. While you can’t compare your love life to that of the fictitious characters from your favorite novels, you can still use them as a way to reflect on your own love situations, which could lead to many positive changes when it comes to the sexual and romantic aspects in your life.


**This post was written by Andrea Jackson, a freelance writer and aspiring journalist who in her free time enjoys movies, TV, and a good book.**


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  1. Ray Dean says:

    great way to think about it… and now I need to… um… stretch my romantic muscles… where did i put that book?


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