Playing Catchup Before The New Year

Hey all!

Hope everyone’s holiday season is going well, as for me well … I am a bit of a last minute buyer which means I’m stressed.  Add that to the fact that I am in charge of my company’s Christmas party and it just doubles.  But wait, what’s that?  You managed to actually finish a story?

Why yes I did LOL.

It’s a short story that will be part of an anthology to come out early in 2014.  There are 5 authors total and the cool thing is we all write different genres so there’s bound to be something for everyone out there to enjoy and maybe you’ll find a new author to read.  All the stories revolve around a mausoleum located in Brompton Cemetary in London. I will post more about the book as soon as I know more, what I can say is that ALL proceeds of the sale of the book will be going to a charity that is restoring the cemetaries in New Orleans and as a bonus, all the authors in the book will be at the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans.  Oh!  Want one more tease?  My short’s title is SPELLBOUND and it will begin a whole new series for me – this one’s about Witches.

Never fear though, now that I’m done with the short (which I had a deadline for) I can go back to book 3 of the Dark Wolf Series of which I am about 75% done.  I wrote the short in about 2 1/2 weeks so if I can continue that pace I’ll have book 3 done by early next year 🙂 (If not sooner).  So maybe you’ll have a witch story AND a wolf story from me in 2014!

Well that’s all for now, may you all have a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!


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