Popping in …

Okay so I am a self-admitted terrible blogger – I mean TERRIBLE, AWFUL … seriously B.A.D.  Which is why there is always a lot of time between posts, I always think no one wants to hear the mundane ramblings of my life (or maybe you do?).

Anyhooters, I’m STILL working on book 3, it seems to not want to get written, part of it is me I think, just lazy, the EDJ is mentally exhausting, whatevs … but after talking to a great friend last night, I vented, she encouraged and I think I may be back on track.

I did not go to the Romantic Times Convention this year, mostly cause well … I didn’t want to.  I had been to Kansas City (actually that was my 1st convention) as an unpubbed author and I didn’t want to do it again.  So instead I saved up my moola and did something I hadn’t done in YEARS ……

I went on a research trip with some friends I hadn’t seen in over 10 years.  What did you think it was?

I went to college for a little bit, but I never was part of a sorority.  In my after college years I was fortunate to meet some of the most fabulous women from all over the US, and the lot of them have become my sisters – my sorority as you will.  And though, not all of them could make this trip they were all in our thoughts.

So where would a sorority of women go to get together for the first time in 10 yrs?  NEW ORLEANS of course! (home of the seriously creepy).

While I won’t get into the details of everything that went on (gay bars, Lola the showgirl, alcohol, old timey photos, cards against humanity …. alcohol, sweat …. and more sweat) I will say this was a fantastic reboot for creativity – nothing like an old city to get the creative juices flowing again!  Fantastic place for research!

We managed to scope out a few places to go for next year’s Romantic Times Convention as well.  It was LOADS of fun.

Soooo wish me luck as I attempt to FINALLY finish book 3 🙂

Until Next Time,

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3 Responses to Popping in …

  1. Research, living it, touching, smelling and breathing it is always the greatest reboot of all. Get those juices flowing 🙂 You deserve to be awesome!


  2. Raydeen says:

    Hope y’all don’t kick me out for missing the meeting! I can’t wait to have more to read!


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