Could it be???

Yes it’s MEEEEE

Okay I know I have been a totally crap blogger, but I’ve been really busy and well I didn’t have much to say but now I do so hold on to your hats …..

Actually I’ll probably just split everything up so I can blog for a few days …

Let’s see what will I cover, well life in general and some updates on how the book is coming along, I will have a book review (I read AND write) and a book recommendation with hopefully a tease with the author of said book.

But first …. How sad am I that I am not in Kansas City this week, it’s RT week and I’ve only missed one other convention since I’ve started going in 2003 (it was my 10 yr anniversary!!!) The only thing that makes it better is most of my close circle of friends also did not go so we can sulk together LOL.

All is okay though as we’re making plans to go next year, it’s in New Orleans!  We’re going to register early just to make sure we get in LOL.

Speaking of NOLA I’ll be heading there next month for a few days of research with some fellow writers (and I’m sure we’ll sneak in some fun as well).

Well that’s it for now, I hope everyone at RT is having a blast!


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