10 ….11….12…

That’s the date peeps! 

Well let’s do a quick catch up session – I am taking part in a friend’s challenge for October, it’s called Write and Wine – yup, we write whatever we can everyday and get to drink while we do it.  It’s a win/win!

So, I decided that I would edit my contemporary – only I hit a snag about a week ago, you see I wrote this story a loooooong time ago and always knew I would rewrite it and edit it into something I can be happy with.  With that in mind, I wrote notes and kept them … except now I have no idea where half my notes are LOL!  As you can imagine it’s frustrating to get to a crossed out section that has a handwritten notation that says “insert scene with Falcon and Jasmine here”  well …. WHAT SCENE???  Ugh … needless to say, I got frustrated and put it to the side in favor of Book 3 of the Dark Wolf Series – at least that one is well outlined and I know where all the pieces are 🙂

Also, if you checked out the homepage you’ll have noticed I added a new feature in the library section of the website.  Family Trees!  A friend asked me to put some together so she could keep track of everyone (especially as the series goes on) and I thought what a fabulous idea.  I’ll be posting a new tree every few weeks and then one with each new book published 🙂

Also, I’ll be posting new short stories that will take place between each book so if there’s a particular secondary character you like and want to see more of, please let me know.  These stories will be available for FREE!  So keep an eye out for them.

I guess that’s it for now!

Until Next Time,

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