Busy Busy Busy …

Soooooo let me tell you about my weekend.

I went CAMPING!  Well it wasn’t real camping (like in a tent in the woods – which I LOVE doing), we were in air conditioned cabin, still rustic, but it was fun nevertheless.  Considering the age range of those of us at the campground went from about 18 months to 82 yrs. old.  Yes you read that correctly.  I went with most of my family so there were lots of story telling and laughter – well until Sunday when Tropical Storm Beryl barreled through and rained us out.  On the plus side, I got a little writing done 🙂

Of course it wasn’t all fun, the radiator in my car busted on the way to the campground so (Thank the GARMIN GPS Gods) I had to find a auto parts dealership and dip into my iPad fund (LOL) to buy a new one so my dad and uncle could put it in.

That evening we had a volleyball tournament – we split into two teams of varying ages which included my dad and uncle who are both in their 60s to my cousin who is 15 – my team won one and lost one – it was loads of fun.

Then yesterday, my oldest nephew graduated high school – So proud of him.  So I’ve been on the run for the last few days – I have to admit that being back at the day job is really relaxing.

Now life is going to go back to normal – this April/May has been crazy from the very start – between communions, confirmations, birthdays, graduations and releases I have been on the run.  Now I can finally relax and get into a writing groove – hoping to do about 2k a day until book 3 is done – and of course editing the contemporary.

Did I say I would be relaxing??  Ha!

Until Next Time,

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