It was a dark and stormy night …

I love Snoopy and author Snoopy always makes me smile.

I’m still riding a high off my new release and the print release of my books.  Thanks again to everyone who has purchased them in this last week, I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed them!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us here in the US, it’s the unofficial start to the summer season and everyone is gearing up for the beach and barbecues this long weekend.  Me, I’m going CAMPING – with about 15 – 20 of my family members – we’re a close lot and I think the age range is something from 83 to 17 months LOL.  I love camping, although we’re not exactly roughing it.  It should be fun.

I plan on taking the next few days to relax and let the muse go free as I finalize what I want to do for book 3 in the Dark Wolf Series.  I’m hoping being around the woods and nature will inspire me.  I can’t wait to start writing regularly again.  I’ve made a promise to not take a year between books and I plan on keeping it.

I’m also neck deep – well maybe not neck deep since I’m still fairly early into it, maybe knee deep – in editing my contemporary.  I hope to have that ready for submission by mid-summer.

So just a few of the things I’m working on.  Hope you all in the US have a FANTASTIC holiday weekend and for those outside the US, I hope you have a fantastic few days as well!

Until Next Time,

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