Band Aid

Oh yes, if Last Christmas was full of 80’s goodness this song is overflowing with it.

Can you believe how young everyone looks?  Granted I was 10 when this came out so I was a lot younger too.  I remember hearing this for the first time in my 5th grade class, my teacher put it on for us.  I don’t remember why though, hopefully it was to teach us about charity, which this song was made for.  OR it could have been for our ornament making party – who knows LOL.

It’s a great song with a fantastic message, that sadly, even 27 years later we haven’t quite helped the way I think both this and USA For Africa had hoped for.  So, I hope that this holiday season, everyone takes a moment to do a little something for charity, whether that’s dropping a dollar into a salvation army bucket, or donating a toy or even volunteering some time, it doesn’t take much 🙂

Until Next Time,

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