Contemporary Christmas – 80’s Style

Ahh the 80’s the era of big hair, big shoulder pads and fantastic bands!

Who didn’t love George Michael and WHAM?? 

Admittedly this isn’t your normal fun Christmas song, actually it’s a little sad LOL.  But you will always hear it in rotation of any radio station playing Christmas music.  Not only that, but when looking for the video I found numerous covers of it.  No matter your taste in music, someone has a cover of this song – Taylor Swift, Hillary Duff, Florence and the Machine, Cascada and even the cast of Glee – I tried to see if Fifty Cent or Diddy had one but not yet LOL.

When Last Christmas comes on the radio I always sing it (Loudly and with feeling cause it just calls for it).   It’s a guilty pleasure 🙂

Until Next Time,


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