Fleas Nah-Nee-Nah

For today’s song I picked one that takes me waaaay back to my childhood.  It’s a song that’s taught to every kindergartener or preschooler for their Holiday show and it’s always sung wrong by those lil cuties.


Yup Jose Feliciano’s classic Feliz Navidad or if you’re under 8 Fleas Nah-Nee-Nah.

It’s one of the first spanish Christmas songs I can remember hearing in my house – well besides the Aguinaldos that my parents would play on the record player (do you remember those?) or sung by the parranda at our parties.

To this day when the song comes on the radio I do a combination of the Fleas version and the correct Feliz version.

Feliz Navidades!

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1 Response to Fleas Nah-Nee-Nah

  1. missraye says:

    😀 ahhh takes me back


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