It’s that time of year again

The air is cooler (or downright cold) and there’s a feeling in the air that just makes you think of home.  Well at least I do.

It’s the Holidays (Or holidaze – depends on how much shopping you have left to do LOL)

I love the Christmas season, there’s a cheer in the air and the season is all about fun and wishes and being with the ones you love.  I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. 

I’ve promised myself that for the next 25 days (Dec 1 – Dec 25) I will be posting my favorite Christmas themed videos on Facebook and I will cross post to my blog right here.  So I hope you’ll Fa-la-la-la-low me in celebrating and sharing some of your own memories and maybe even a recipe or two :).

Until Next Time,

PS – I will be giving away a promo set on Dec 25 so tell your friends!

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