The book that would not be written …

Also known as the sequel to Dark Moon Rising.

Holy cow, never has a writing project taken so long to finish – well if you don’t count a certain fan-fiction story I started writing 3 years ago LOL.

As soon as DMR was contracted I started plotting book 2 (yeah I know I probably should have started waaaaay before that, but I wasn’t sure the first one would ever see the light of day and I was tweaking a contemporary I had written) and I had a death in my family so writing was put on hiatus.  I knew I wanted to start it soon after that though and decided that the kick in the pants I needed was NaNoWriMo.  If I could get 50k words in 30 days I could coast over the holidays in finishing it and have it ready for submission by February at the latest … yeah the road to good intentions is paved with … stuff …

As I hit my stride in week 2 of NaNoWriMo my dad was rushed to the hospital.  A week or so in dealing with his issues put the kabosh on my writing, he was released just before Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t get back on track no matter how hard I tried.  So then the holidays come and go and I start writing again and I hit a pretty good clip then … my dad goes back into the hospital.  Do you hear the screech of the brakes … yup.

Another pause.

Finally I start writing again and I can see the end is near, I am about a week of good writing away from the end … insert brakes sound here

My cats get fleas …

Now I don’t usually consider myself squeamish, but the thought of fleas jumping around not only on my cats, but on my furniture and in my carpeting has gotten me so worked up I can’t sit and write because my cats enjoy sitting next to me or on me … so here I am still about 3 or 4 chapters from the end and we’re almost in APRIL *headdesk*

Never fear though I am working through my anxiety and slowly getting back to the writing.  I will be travelling cross country in a week and if I don’t finish it by then I will DEFINITELY finish it on the way.  Wish me luck!

Until Next Time

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