It’s Wicked Wednesday

Because I forgot about Teasing Tuesday – what can I say I am definitely gearing up for the Romantic Times convention and focused on getting my promotional stuff together.  I am also focused on getting Beneath the Blood Moon done!

At this point I know I am at the beginning of the end of the book.  Everything I’ve laid out from the beginning is starting to come to a head.  Now to put it all in motion and resolve it.  With any luck I’ll have this done just before the end of the month and with MORE luck I can have it edited and ready to submit either right before RT or first thing upon my return.

So now do I tease the book or do I do something a little more wicked … decisions decisions …

How about something delicious?


And my favorite picture (This one inspired a character – albeit not a character in the Dark Wolf Series – More on that at a later time)

Happy Wednesday…what?  Okay, okay here’s a bit of book for you:

“I’m Alpha, Red, what I say and do is usually right even when it isn’t.”

“Well times are changing.”

He moved his head so his mouth was at her ear, his breath teasing her.  “I may not be very good at it.”

A small shudder ran through Rhiannon and she swallowed hard.  “Try it.”

Cameron pulled back to look her in the eye.  “I’m sorry.”


His expression went blank and Rhiannon realized he had no idea why he was asking for forgiveness.

“Cameron, you do know why you’re apologizing, right?”

“For being me?”

“Close enough.”  She said with a wide smile and wrapped her arms around his neck. 

Until Next Time!

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